Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm baaaaaack!

Whew!  I thought Mommy and Daddy were never going to let me get back to blogging.  I've missed y'all (that's some Southern drawl that Mommy and Daddy use to say "you all") and I'm excited to get back to sharing my adventures.

LaLa and I have had a busy summer.  I have figured out where her treats are located, so I'll grab a treat, pretend to give it to her and just before she takes it from me, I take off running and laughing.  That dog is so silly--she chases me round and round the dining room table.  When she starts to lose interest, I pretend to give her the treat and then take off running again.  Sometimes, I even hide in the curtains, but she always finds me and licks my face.  Eventually, Mommy or Daddy stop me and make me give LaLa the treat.  This makes me SO mad that I stomp my feet and tell them "No! No! No!" but they don't listen.

I love to go outside and play with LaLa and now that it's so hot out there, we share the water spigot (I also share popsicles with her).  The first time I bent over to drink from LaLa's spigot, Mommy started laughing so hard that I thought she was going to pee-pee in her pants (I hope she was wearing a diaper).  Daddy didn't think it was very funny and tells me that it's yucky but I don't think it's yucky.  If LaLa drinks from it, why can't I?

Mommy and Daddy have been taking me to all kinds of fun places this summer and I'll share those adventures with you soon.

I have to go now because it's nap time and I do love my naps.  Mommy says I get that from her!


Vince and Patty said...

Thanks for letting me know about the new blog!! I have so missed keeping up with you little man! Glad to see you are enjoying your summer so far! :-)

Jen said...

Yay!! So glad you're back to blogging. Thanks for the invite!

P.S. The spigot thing IS hilarious. Gross, but hilarious. Don't worry though. I'll post a pic of Sofie sharing dog water soon that Brad will think is much grosser than Super Dude's method.

Megan Larson said...

Thanks for the invite to your new blog! I'm so glad we get to keep up with your beautiful family. Carter is HUGE! It's so amazing how quickly they grow! His hair is so thick!!! And he looks so much taller than Lucy even. Quite amazing!

Liz and Shane said...

Super Dude you are one amazing little guy! You make me laugh with all your funny adventures.