About Us

{this page is written by the mommy}
Super Dude [the dude] -- Our heroic almost-2-year-old son.  He spends his days running around the house (literally, he went from crawling to running), climbing on furniture, emptying his toy bins, and giving hugs and kisses to Lala.  His current addictions include Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street, reading Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom, hiding (in closets, under blankets, behind curtains) and playing outside.  He can throw Oscar-worthy tantrums and has the best crocodile tears I've ever seen.  If we let him, he'd eat Cheetos, strawberries and green beans for every meal.
Mom to Super Dude [mommy] -- That's me.  I love my little family and my friends.  I've had the same best friend for 20 years.  My favorite times of the year are when it's transitioning from Summer to Fall and Winter to Spring.  My favorite place in the world is sitting on my porch swing with the hubs and the dude.  If I could get away with it, I'd wear my Rainbow flops and my favorite pair of jeans every day.  Obviously, I'd wear a shirt, too!  I have an addiction to Mt. Dew, fresh fruit, and organizing.  I use my "outside voice" to cheer for the UNC Tarheels (my alma mater) and Philadelphia Phillies.  I'm like a little kid when it snows and during Christmas.  
Dad to Super Dude [daddy] -- My wonderfully kind and hot hubby.  He has an incredibly flexible job that allows him to work from home when he's not traveling for work.  If he's not on his boat, he's likely thinking, "Dang! I'm not on the boat."  He's addicted to working out (P90X right now), Diet Mt. Dew (yuck!), and Hershey's chocolate.  He proposed to me about 30 seconds after he bought the ring because he couldn't stand the excitement, even though he had a big, elaborate plan.  If you knew him, you'd be surprised by the music on his Ipod.  He would do anything in the world for his family.
Lucy [Lala] -- Super Dude's best friend.  Our almost-5-year-old Boxer.  She deserves the "Best Dog Ever" award.  Her current obsessions include Super Dude, licking knees (yes, I know it's gross but she just can't hold her licker), cheese and chasing balls outside.  She can howl "I love you" and if you say "Bang!" she dramatically pretends to die.  She spends her days following Super Dude around and sitting in time out with him.

Super Dude will "write" most of the posts, so hold onto your hats!  You never know what he'll say or do next.