Saturday, July 24, 2010

fishy face

Hubs and I drove 2 hours today to take the dude to meet his new Speech Language Pathologist who will be providing therapy for both feeding and speech/language.  This visit concentrated on dude's feeding issues and she'll address his speech delays at the next visit.  It was a very informative session and she gave us lots of tips to use at home.  She also told us that feeding difficulties and speech delays go hand-in-hand, but she has all confidences that the dude will catch up.  She even got the dude to take a few sips of Pediasure from a straw (and that's no small feat)!  Oh, she also told me that letting the dude blow bubbles into his cup (as seen in the video in this post) is a huge "no-no" and that we have to break that habit immediately. 

I'm looking forward to our next session and getting insight on his speech delays.  Looks like we'll continue to rely on signing for now as it helps him "tell" us his needs and thus, reduces the number and severity of tantrums.  Right now, he has about 10 spoken words and about 10 signs.  If you ask him to say a word that he can't say his response is "mama."  It goes something like this, and it always makes me chuckle:

Mommy:  "say bath"
Dude:  "bath"
Mommy:  "say LaLa"
Dude:  "yaya"
Mommy:  "say chair"
Dude:  "mama"
Mommy:  "say cup"
Dude:  "mama"
Mommy:  "say up"
Dude:  "uh mama"

Yep, the dude is a mama's boy!

The dude loves to ride in the car (now that he is forward-facing) and he usually laughs, makes faces and dances from the back seat.  He certainly provides the entertainment for a long trip.  On our way home from the appointment today, I caught him making "fishy faces" and laughing.  After looking at the pics, I thought I remembered a photo of myself with a similar "fishy face."  What do you think--does he have mommy's fishy face perfected?

the mommy as a little one


Jen said...

OMG, that's a spot-on fishy face by the Dude. I think he's been studying your picture in secret. ;-)

Good luck with the new therapist. Sounds like the Dude's off to a great start with her. I bet he'll catch up really quickly and leave the other kiddos in the dust before you know it. Lots of my friends with boys say they barely uttered a word until around 3 and then just started speaking in sentences. It's the natural ornery in boys I think.


Lindsey said...

He looks JUST like you with the fishy face!