Tuesday, July 20, 2010

don't rain on my parade

A few weeks ago, naa-naad [granddad] and gamma came over for a play date while mommy and daddy went out to dinner.  I don't know why they didn't take me, but I thought they'd never leave!  I have naa-naad and gamma all figured out and I couldn't wait to play them, err...I mean, play with them -- they let me do everything that mommy and daddy don't AND they don't put me in time out.  All I have to do is grin and giggle and I've bought myself a ticket to get out of jail for free.

I have a little dump truck that nana [daddy's mommy] got me for Christmas and it holds some of my blocks.  It didn't take long to trick that silly gamma into pulling me around the house in the truck.  Round and round and round.  My naa-naad is always worrying and was telling gamma to "be careful" but I giggled and smiled so she'd go faster!

Well, mommy and daddy don't like for me to climb into the truck and try to take myself for a spin.  Something about falling and getting hurt.  Whatever.  I finally convinced mommy to take me for a spin around the house in the dump truck and it turned into quite a parade with LaLa following behind.  It was so much fun that when mommy put the truck away in my room, I sneaked in there and tried to climb into it all by myself (I am a big boy now, you know).  But, I got stuck.  One leg in, one leg out, booty up in the air.  I tried to figure out a way out of it before mommy and daddy saw me and said "I told you so" but I finally had to call for help.  Oh well.  I'll try again another day!

Daddy took the video below.

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Anonymous said...

hey little dude ,you are really ,really smart.showing Gamma that it was too hard to bend over and pull you around with the short handle---so there is a surprise coming.Hope your mommy and daddy like it ,I know ya-ya will. We will come and play again soon.