Saturday, December 18, 2010


mommy and daddy took me to the mall today.  daddy kept grumbling about mommy wanting to go the saturday before christmas, but mommy kept saying something about this dude named "santa."  we drove round and round and round until daddy decided to park our big, giant car in a spot with a "c" on it [compact cars].  i laughed when daddy had to climb over the middle and out on mommy's side of the car because he couldn't open his door.  we went inside the mall and i saw this wondrous sight with trees and lights and LOTS of kids.  there was a really long line and mommy said we had to wait in the line to see the "santa" dude.  after waiting a while, mommy bought some cookies and we had a yummy snack....still waiting in the line.  after what daddy said was "forever" [really an hour and a half], we made it the "santa" dude.  OH MY GOSH!  It was santa claus ~ he was in a bright red suit, with a hat and long white beard.  at first, i didn't really want to talk to him, but daddy convinced me that i should because he's the dude who is going to bring me presents on christmas morning.  mommy, daddy and the picture-taking dude were jumping around like fools trying to make me laugh, so i finally gave in and smiled.  it was pretty cool!


Anonymous said...

WOW! That looks like the *real* Santa Dude! What an awesome picture!
(won't accept my google password... I'm not really anonymous! lol)

Jen said...

Great pic!!

Aep said...

Such a big boy!! He looks like he loved Santa! Thanks for your comment on M blog, would love to get the boys together this summer where both places are nice and warm :)
Have a great Christmas!!!
Love, Pena Family