Monday, December 13, 2010

riley's bubba

my mommy is away for work, so i get to talk to all of you tonight.  this is going to be all about riley's "bubba," travis, and how he needs your happy thoughts and prayers.  travis is the best big bubba anyone could ask for and i know this because riley and i shared a room in the nicu when we were at duke.  travis was there visiting riley anytime his parents would let him visit.  recently, travis's mommy and daddy [you may know them as Lindsey and Jay Souza] found out that he has something wrong with his spine.  i don't know how to spell it, so i'll let you go to their blog to read more about it.  they will be traveling to duke and putting their trust in the doctors and nurses there to fix travis just like they fixed me and riley.  my mommy said that dr. h won't be able to fix travis because that's not the kind of fix-n he does, which is sad because dr. h is the bestest surgeon in the whole world, but i know that travis's doctor will be great, too.  please think of them as they go through a very scary time.  [i hope that they will stay with us so i can play with riley!]

here's the link to more information on big "bubba" travis:


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Lindsey said...

AWw! you made me cry!!! Thank you.