Friday, August 20, 2010

happy 5th nanaversary to my mommy & daddy

Five years ago my mommy & daddy had a big party and got married, so I wanted to wish them
(I guess they call it a nana-versary because my nana was there???)

Here's my gigi, nana, and naa-naad at the wedding ~ I wonder what they were drinking?!?!
This is my daddy in a sandwich between mommy & titi
titi & uncle brian dancing with mommy & daddy


Anonymous said...

and what a wonderful day it was!!!
some very happy peoples!!Your gigi,nana and naandad were (and are) SO SO happy that your mommy and daddy met each other again. They ARE the best for each other ,they complete each other,because they found their soulmates--------AT LAST

Happy Anniversay to the best mommy and daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Happy Nanaversary to an awesome pair!!

Wally & Leah Hansen said...

Oh what a fun day that was:) Hope you all have a wonderful anniversary!!!

Liz and Shane said...

Happy Anniversary!

Tracy Meats said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Best wishes for more wonderful adventures and happy years!! Hope you are always surrounded by much love, laughter and happiness!!