Wednesday, June 15, 2011

football sticker

Before we left for the hospital on Monday morning, Super Dude was playing with stickers and when we arrived, he was wearing a small football sticker on his hand.  During pre-op, the anesthesiologist noted that the football was perfectly placed on a juicy vein and we joked around about how the dude was just trying to help him out.

When the nurse came to remove the dude's IV today, she removed the dressing and guess what was under the dressing, sitting atop the IV?  The football sticker!  (yes, there was another layer of sterile dressing between the sticker and the actual IV)  I guess the anesthesiologist got the last laugh :)


Anonymous said...

just another reason i'm loving DUKE

Dale Budd said...

Such a sweet, brave boy you have! It just broke my heart to see his little face, in so much pain! Then, to see that beautiful smile and dimple, just completely warmed my soul. He truly is a "Super Dude", in every sense of the words!! Happy he is back home, and recovering so nicely. Having great parents loving on him, is a great medicine! He will remain in my prayers.

Sending Hugs!
A Mom-Mom in NJ

LeeAnn Bisesi Sinclair said...

I'm so glad to hear that Carter is recovering well ! Ya'll have been through so much together. He's a lucky little boy to have such loving and devoted parents and I know you're also lucky to have him in your lives too. It's clear that there is a lot of love in your family. Wishing you all love and happiness always ! Praying for your cute little Super Dude to recover fully and quickly and for his health problems in the future to be minimal.