Tuesday, March 22, 2011

favorite things

I'm stealing this post idea from one of super dude's girlfriends.  Sofie's mom does a "favorite things" post every couple of months and I love it, so here it goes.

(1) Saying: "I do it" and "Nope!"  He has become VERY independent and wants to do everything himself.

(2) Purple shirts.  Every morning when we ask him what he wants to wear, he goes to his closet, points and says, "Puh-puh shirt, pweeze."  And when I ask him what I should wear, it's "Puh-puh shirt, mommy."

(3) Brown Shoes.  Nothing but THESE brown shoes.  In fact, I had to order another pair in a larger size so that we are never without the brown shoes.  He has several other pairs of shoes that look better with certain outfits, but in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter which pair of shoes he wears, so he wears the brown shoes.  And if we attempt to convince him to wear another pair of shoes, he uses one of his two favorite phrases (see #1 above) and replies, "Nope!" while putting the unwanted shoes in the closet and digging out "brown shoes."

(4) "Pay-doh"

(5) Sleeping in his big-boy bed.

(6) Mini M&Ms.  Or in his words, "MMs"  We truly can bribe him to do just about anything with a few of these babies.  Plus, the tubes are a great size to stash in your bag and whip them out whenever needed - like in Target when he's "singing" loudly or when you're in a public restroom and need to distract him so he won't open the door and expose you to the free world.

.....and this is why we switched from larger M&Ms to minis.  Whoever said they "melt in your mouth, not in your hands" didn't have a 2-year-old!

(7) Blocks.  He loves to build "towas" with "bwocks."

(8) Playing in the water.  The only time he really gets into trouble at school is when he is supposed to finish washing his hands, but chooses to continue running the water and playing in the sink.

 (9) Playing outside.

(10) Uh-Huh!  The video speaks for itself!

If you're curious about what's so funny, you can view for yourself here:  UH-HUH!


Anonymous said...

i love this idea,what a wonderful way to keep up with all the cuteness. Those giggles are priceless,the best gift in the world

Jen said...

Oh my gosh, this post could have been about Sofie! LOL She loves all those same things...so much in common! ♥ The only thing that's different is her "puh-puh shirt" is a "Hawk shirt", which she always picks out for us as well. And her brown shoes are "parkley" (sparkley) shoes, which I also have in two sizes for her. Too funny!

Dale Budd said...

Kellie, God love him, your son is such a delight, and oh so adorable. Love the fact that he is so opinionated with his shoes and clothing. (to cute)! That beautiful smile is so contagious and beautiful. He truly is an amazing little guy, and you can be so proud. Love the water story, and his expression in the picture!
Hugs from a Mom-Mom in NJ

Tracy said...

After reading this post, your boy would have a blast with my boys! So much in common. Oh the messes and trouble they would get in! LOL! I am sure my boys could teach him a few new tricks.

He is very handsome in the purple shirt, my favorite color!