Friday, February 4, 2011

abcs and 123s

Super Dude gets a little carried away with his alphabet and his hands can't keep up!
[if you're wondering what he's looking at, it's an Elmo's the only way to keep him still long enough]




Anonymous said...

this actually made me cry,he has come such a long,long way,it just got to me.Love him so much.!!

Jen said...

Wow Super Dude!! Impressive!

Tracy said...

Amazing!! You have one smart little boy!!! So cute to see him sign and say the abc's...way to go Super Dude!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh...that absolutely melts my heart. What an amazing little boy.

Dale Budd said...

I have followed your little guy, since the beginning. I know Lindsey, Jay, and family, and have prayed for "Super Dude", along with Riley, since they were room mates at Duke.
This sweet child has come such a long way, and is so very smart! This entry brought tears to my eyes! God bless him, so handsome, and so grown up.