Saturday, October 2, 2010

tell baby claire to stay in there!

Some sweet friends of mine are expecting their first child, Claire, in December.  Rebecca went into pre-term labor this past week and is currently on bed rest at Duke.  Baby Claire has a heart condition, which will require surgery after birth, among other medical diagnoses, so a pre-term birth is not in her best interests.  I visited with Rebecca today and she's in great spirits, but they are very worried about the future holds.

I'm asking that you take the time to visit their new blog (written by Rebecca's sisters), offer some words of encouragement, and say a prayer for them.  Join me in telling Baby Claire to "Stay in there!"

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Kathy said...

Hello there Super Dude!!! So glad to read your blog again! I missed it for a while while I figured out you started your own blog b/c mommy's blog is private now. You are so much fun to read about and lift me up when my days are not so good. I do not know if your mommy knows about my blog, my health issue are a bit different than yours!, but I am a friend of Jaime's World, mommy Sheryl is like my big sis. I just wanted to stop by and tell you your blog rocks SD and I can't wait to rea what comes up next.