Sunday, September 12, 2010

on the move

"Mommy, I think these are a little too big for me..."
We've been super busy lately and haven't had a chance to post.  This may be a long post, but I 'm going to try to catch you up on everything that's been going on.  We have moved several hours away from our old home (and the grandparents who are not very happy about this) and I started a new job.  My past co-workers threw me a wonderful surprise send-off party, complete with a delicious cake and tons of yummy food.  I'm really going to miss them, but hopefully I'll see them when we're in town visiting the grandparents.

We got really lucky and a spot opened up in the preschool we were stalking wanted to get Super Dude into, so I hopped right into the car and drove there to enroll him.  I can't believe I actually had to sign a tuition check.  I didn't think I'd be writing one of those for another 16 years!  I LOVE his school.  They concentrate on language skills, teach sign language and Spanish and it was spotless.  The day I took him to enroll, he got to hang out in his class with his new teachers while I did all the mommy/daddy stuff.  He went right in, started playing and didn't even notice that I left.  When I returned to pick him up, he was sitting in the teacher's lap and they were all sitting in a circle singing a song.  He had to hug every one before we left (we'll have to work on that with cold/flu season coming up!).  He starts in 2 weeks and we're really looking forward to finally being able to socialize him after 2 years of isolation from October--April.  The security is crazy--we have to scan our hand into a palm-scanner before we can enter to pick him up!

Just prior to moving, we went out on one last boat trip with our friends, the Cieszkos.  The little boys, big boys and ladies had a great time!

My parents (gigi and granddad) got the dude a wagon for his birthday.  Even though his birthday is a month away, they gave it to him early so we could enjoy this beautiful weather.  Nana (hubby's mom) got the dude a tricycle, but he needs to grow another 1/4 inch before he can fully use it, which won't be long at the rate he's going!  [he'll be 2 in October, but is in 3T shirts for the length; 2Ts are belly shirts!]

I can't remember if I posted about Super Dude's speech diagnosis of Speech Apraxia, but we were pretty devastated.  The SLP suggested that we bring him to therapy once a week, but with school starting soon, we've put therapy on hold.  We're interested in seeing the progress he makes in school first, before we add something that may be unnecessary.  We've implemented the SLP's home therapy suggestions and the dude's speech is slowly improving.  His eating has turned a corner and he's been doing really well (but, don't tell him!).

I included this last picture because it just cracks me up!  Super Dude in his new cowboy boot slippers.


d a w n said...

Glad the move is over!
I'm sure you'll miss the boat.
Love the cowboy slippers; Sean is going to be a cowboy for Halloween, so we've been buying boots...the slippers beat all though! <3

Jen said...

Glad you're settling in and The Dude got into an awesome school. He'll love it!!

Liz and Shane said...

thats awesome about the Dude starting school. Once you get all settled in give me a call to catch up. I miss you!
Love the first pic and the cowboy boots.

Wally & Leah Hansen said...

Man how fun life is for you all right now. He is getting so big and how exciting he gets to go to preschool. I am sure he will love it. That is some crazy security. My favorite of course is the corn pic (then the boots:) )

Tracy Meats said...

Hope your little man enjoys school!!! What an adventure that will be for him and you!! I love seeing that picture of him eating his corn...hope good trends in the eating department continue on. That boy of yours is so darn cute and you can tell from the pictures he keeps you on your toes. He truly loves life and takes in everything around him!

Best of luck with the new job and settling into your new home! Wish your "super dude" the best of luck at school! He is going to do great!!

Anonymous said...

This is Amy, a friend of Brad's from HS band days. Our oldest, Dylan, who is now 9 was diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech when he was super dude's age. He attended speech therapy through ECU then transitioned to speech therapy with Kathryn Eatmon Whitford at Vanceboro Farm Life and placed out of speech at start of kindergarten. He didn't speak any phrases until he was almost you'd never know he ever had any problems! You've only given dude the best and I'm sure that will continue. God bless! Amy Wilson